F10Y Betting; Week 5 Best Bets

The NFL is over too quickly! We’re already going to hit the quarter point of the season as we go through Week 5, and Adam and the boys are back this week with their favourite bets for the slate.

The host of the pod, the self-proclaimed TouchdownTips is still looking for a win on the season after the Browns did all they could to lose to the Falcons last week while the record for the group as a whole needs some improvement sitting at around 0.500 on the year. Let’s hope for a bit of luck this week and a 4-0 Sunday.

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Steelers +14.5 @ Bills

Adam (@TouchdownTips)

As you all probably know, I am a Bengals fan, so picking this line as my best bet for the week was a tough one, but I just had to. The Steelers biggest underdog the Steelers have been in the last 30 years is 13.5 in 1992… This game was up at 14.5 when recorded the pod, I had to take them getting over two TDs against anyone.

Sure they have a rookie QB who will threw up some interceptions as his name suggests, but he’ll get big plays out of Pickens and Diontae Johnson, and maybe even Chase Claypool.

The Bills played the Ravens last week and have the Chiefs next week, they won’t be too bothered about running up the score against these chumps.

I had to take the Steelers +14.5

Dolphins -3 (3.5) @ Jets

Jack (@JackT_95)

Sure, he’s a Dolphins fan, and it might be a homer pick, but we fully agree that the Dolphins are the correct side at the Metlife on Sunday.

The Jets welcomed back Zach Wilson who performed adequately in what looked like a loss before leading a game-winning drive against the hapless Steelers last week. They’ll be OK, but they’re probably over-rated at the moment after a c couple of miracle wins against AFC North opposition.

The Dolphins are idiots for how they dealt with Tua, but the downgrade to Teddy Bridgewater isn’t significant and he’ll hit those deep shots to Hill and Waddle while their run game should be fine led by Mostert.

The Dolphins blitz a lot and Wilson doesn’t deal with that at all.

Lions +4.5 @ Patriots

Callum (@CallumJDSquire)

Callum loves the Lions, probably more than his Dolphins team in fairness, he’s always on them, and he’s right to do so as the Lions seem to constantly cover the spread. This is the first game they’ve played outside this year but they’re going up against a 4th round rookie QB making his first start with barely any weapons in the passing game.

The run game for the Patriots has been very effective and they’ll put up points but the protection gifted to Jared Goff has him and the offense purring and they’ll be able to match and probably surpass any scoring the Patriots get in this one.

Titans -1.5 @ Commanders

Liam (_LiamHorsley)

Worryingly I like all of our picks this week as this was another line I was interested in. Sure the Titans aren’t exciting or pulling up any trees this year but the Commanders are terrible and even with the return of Brian Robinson from being shot in the pre-season we can’t see them putting up enough points to win against anyone, let alone one of the better coached teams in the league.

Derrick Henry as always will be the focus of the Titans attack and they’ve been getting him increasingly involved in the passing game which makes sense to let him get up a head of steam with the ball in his hands. They did lose Treylon Burks but Tannehill moves the ball well around his team and should be able to do it against a poor Commanders team.

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