F10Y Betting; Week 3 Best Bets

A rough week for our selections last week with just Callum securing a win as the Lions pulled through and once again covered the spread leading to a win for them.

I (Adam) was feeling smug for most of the game, but the Raiders managed to give away a huge lead to lose in OT as Kyler Murray took over, Jacks under was dead as soon as the kick-off was returned for a TD, and Liam’s pick of the Bucs over unfortunately never looked like getting there, so we’re onwards and upwards to week 3 of the season.

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Ravens -2 @ Patriots

Jack Tuffy (@JackT_95)

I have watched both these teams face off (and lose) to my Dolphins and there is no comparison to who the better team is. The Ravens hammered the Dolphins for 3 quarters and only for the speed of Waddle and Hill they would be 2-0. 

Speaking of speed, the Patriots have no weapons to take advantage of the poor Baltimore pass defense, also the Ravens are the most blitz-heavy team in the league, something Mac Jones isn’t comfortable with. On the other side of the ball, it’s obvious that Lamar is playing at an MVP level and I have no doubt he will help the Ravens win this game with relative ease.

San Francisco -1 @ Denver Broncos

Adam Walford (@TouchdownTips)

The main handicap for this game for me is the huge coaching mismatch on display with Kyle Shanahan having proven his acumen for years while Nathaniel Hackett has had a less than perfect start for the Broncos with the home crowd having to count down the play clock so they don’t take delay of game penalties. It’s been messy.

Trey Lance is out for the season so Jimmy Garoppolo returns to the fray and the line, if anything has shortened on that news, he obviously knows how to run the offense and get them to the playoffs and I don’t think they’ll miss a step in beating the Broncos in Denver this weekend. – I don’t mind the under either in fairness.

Cincinnati Bengals -5ish @ NY Jets

Callum Squires (@CallumJDSquires)

The Jets are in an all-time letdown spot following their late heroics in Cleveland last week. The Bengals have better weapons on the outside than the Browns do, so Tee Higgins and Ja’Marr Chase could feast here as Amari Cooper did for Cleveland last week.

The Jets are not a good team and Cincinnati most definitely are, despite a horrendous start. Water eventually finds its level, and the Bengals are primed to bounce back in style here. Burrow will re-find his groove and take Gang Green apart. Bengals all the way.

Kansas City Chiefs -5.5 @ Colts

Liam Horsley (@_LiamHorsley)

He might be an out and proud Chiefs fan, but this isn’t entirely a homer pick, there’s a number of reasons for taking the Chiefs here, first the Colts stink, they’ve had a terrible start to the season, can’t generate pressure or protect Matt Ryan long enough for him to do anything with his apparently weak noodle-arm which can’t make passes more than 20 yards downfield. They will be hoping Michael Pittman and Alec Pierce are back but it doesn’t look like both will be.

Secondly – Mahomes has NEVER lost indoors, and unsurprisingly that means he’s got the best QBR of any current QB at an indoor stadium, add to that the fact he carves up Gus Bradley defenses (recently the Raiders last year) and you’re looking at 35+ for the Chiefs – I can’t see the Colts getting to 30 and covering the spread here.

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