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Pac-12 Preseason All-Conference Team

Welcome to the final instalment of our Power-5 All-Conference series! We have loved putting these articles together and making our picks, we hope that your appetite is sufficiently whetted for some football.

We will end things with the Pac-12 conference selections here with our man, Lee Wakefield making the picks. However, if you want to go back and have a look at the previous four articles in this series, check out the college section of the site here and have a browse. Don’t forget to let us know what you think and have your say in the Twitter comments!

Here come the picks:

Here is how Lee has justified the selections that he’s made;

We all know that the Pac-12 is firmly positioned as the fifth of the Power 5 conferences, however, I do feel like this team could mix it with the best in college football. Cam Rising will be a name on the lips of a lot of people come January and is about as talented of a passer that Utah have had, since Alex Smith almost 20 years ago.

The skill positions are packed with production and a good mixture of size profiles, with Rome Odunze and Benjamin Yurosek providing the size/speed profiles, with a pair of receivers who are both under 6′ (probably), who combined for over 3,000 yards last year in Jordan Addison and Jacob Cowling – Although both were outside of the conference last year with Addison in the ACC with Pittsburgh and Cowling in Conference-USA with UTEP.

Zach Charbonnet rounds out the weapons and he was an absolute revelation last year at UCLA, and he’ll be looking to build upon this over the next season.

The offensive line has a lot of talent too, with the headliner being USC’s Andrew Vorhees, who could be a first round pick when April rolls around. Outside of Vorhees, Washington Tackle, Jaxson Kirkland has a lot to prove over the next few months, but he has the talent to get it done, although he could probably benefit from an extra 10-15lbs of weight being put on. LaDarius Henderson will be a draft riser whereas Myles Hinton and Alex Forsyth are very solid and join a number of their team mates on my All-Conference team.

Defensively, I feel like there’s star power at every level with Korey Foreman, Noah Sewell and Clark Phillips.

Foreman is the former #2 recruit in the 2021 class – He has athletic abilities that are off the charts and is already in possession of an NFL edge rushers’ frame – He only registered 2.5 sacks as a Freshman but he is set up to have a more prominent role moving into 2022.

Noah Sewell is one of the better players in the conference as a whole and should be the heartbeat of the Ducks’ defense this coming year. A player who can do it all, he’s going to accumulate the tackles, shut down run plays in his sleep and if Oregon uses him to his full potential, he could be used as a weapon in the blitz games too. Sewell, much like his older Brother, should be a first round pick when he declares for the NFL Draft.

Finally in this rundown of the defensive stars, Clark Phillips is a top-5 corner prospect and will be a playmaker for a Utes team who I have down as the conference champion – I think he will be an elite nickel defender in the NFL but whilst I he playing in Salt Lake City he’ll be an outside corner and a problem for quarterbacks throughout the conference.

Elsewhere on defense, don’t forget my other edge defender, Zion Tupuola-Fetui, ZTF has recovered from an achilles tear but he returned before the end of last year and he’ll be another player looking to kick on and show his full potential in 2022.

Thanks for reading this, we hope you enjoyed this and the rest of the series! Check back later today, as we are dropping part 2 of our writer’s preseason takes! Part 1 can be found here.

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Big XII Preseason All-Conference Team

Welcome in to our penultimate preseason all-conference team selection! So far in this mini series we have dropped the SEC, the Big Ten and the ACC – All of which you can see here.

This time we welcome our guy Kieran Patterson to the scene, as he bestows his Big XII team upon you all. He has even left out LSU players entirely.

Here are Kieran’s picks:

And here are Kieran’s thoughts on his selections:

The offensive talent on display in the Big 12 is going to be fun to watch this year. Starting with Oklahoma State signal caller Spencer Sanders who will be looking to build on a solid season last year as he not only looks towards the draft but looks to take OK State to the promised land, the playoffs. Sanders is a solid QB with the right tools to take the cowboys far this season…but can they beat Texas to finally make a run?

The best runningback in college football currently is Longhorns, Bijan Robinson. With the ability to stop on a dime and cut in whatever direction he chooses, Texas will look to him and speedy wideout Xavier Worthy to help their freshman QB this season.

TCU aren’t the only school in Texas with a top wideout though as receiver Quintin Johnson is another pass catcher looking to make a statement for his school this season. Iowa State have a Xavier of their own catching passes too as wide out Xavier Hutchinson is looking to give the cyclones the edge as they make another push at the playoffs.

The offensive line talent on display in the Big XI might be some of the best in college football this year with Baylor tackle Conor Galvin and Baylor guard Jacob Gall being particular standouts alongside OK State’s Hunter Woodard and West Virginia’s Doug Nester rounding out the interior. Cooper Beebe is the lone Kansas State wildcat on this list but they are still a team to watch.

Starting on defence we have KSU edge Felix Anudike-Uzomah and ISU edge Will MacDonald IV who will be harassing opposing quarterbacks all season with some of the best pass rushing in college football. WVU’s Dante Stills will be drawing double teams on the interior as will Baylor’s Siaki Ika whose violent playstyle is bound to draw extra attention every time protection is set.

Another Baylor Bear, Dillon Doyle will be patrolling the middle of the field and looking to seal gaps as a premier linebacker for his team this year. DeMarvion Overshown will likely fill a similar role for the longhorns as their defence will need to pick up slack as their freshman QB gets settled.

In the secondary TCU product Tre’Vius Hodges-Tomlinson will be looking to use his long frame to knock out ball after ball. KSU’s Julius Brents will use his elite athletic ability and tackling to make sure he is an island for the wildcats. The lone Jayhawk on this list is Kenny Logan, an athletic safety who is looking to have a breakout season as Kansas try to prove they’re not limited to the basketball court when it comes to athletics. The 2nd safety is Jayson Taylor II who will be looked at by the cowboys as an enforcer and team leader who will likely be one of the team’s best and most productive players.

Thanks for reading! Tomorrow we have the fifth and final conference, the Pac-12 and of course, that means Lee is back to give you those picks. As well as rounding off this series, we will have part 2 of our writer’s preseason questions dropping. If you would like to refresh your memories for part 1, get that right here!

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ACC Preseason All-Conference Team

Welcome in to day two and part three of our all-conference mini series here at F10Y CFB.

Yesterday we brought you the SEC and Big Ten conference selections (which you can find here on the college section of the website).

Next up with the Atlantic Coast Conference, which has been selected by the main man when it comes to all things ACC, Andy Moore.

Check out Andy’s picks below:

The ACC has a lot of talent at the ‘sexy’ positions in 2022. There could be any of five or six QBs earning the pre-season starting spot in this all-conference team, but Devin Leary’s consistency, calming presence and talent ultimately gets him the nod.

Elsewhere, there’s some great depth at wide receiver with Dontayvion Wicks, AT Perry and Josh Downs making the cut ahead of the likes of Zay Flowers, Keytaon Thompson and others. Running back could be the one arguably week position, with Sean Tucker easily the best of a lot of guys with potential but minimal production so far in their career.

The offensive line could have gone a number of ways, but like the defense there are a couple of key guys that just have to be included. Zion Nelson and Caleb Chandler have been dominant in their college careers to date, and both figure to be big names in the 2023 draft.

On defense there’s a lot of Clemson and Pitt, both of which are unsurprising given the pedigree the schools, but Bryan Bresee and Habakkuk Baldonado should be particularly dominant.

Thanks for reading! Later today we will be dropping the Big XII team at 5pm

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SEC Preseason All-Conference Team

With the college football season around the corner, it’s time for us to lay a marker down as a team and give you guys an idea of who the very best players in each conference are, and we are going to do that by dropping our all-conference selections for each of the Power-5 conferences.

Since these are quite short and easily digestible, they will be dropping rapid-fire with a couple each day and then we’ll hit you with the second half of our pre-season questions as well.

Here is our SEC All-Conference selection from our guy Will Lane;

Read Will’s Analysis:

A lot of these positions felt like it came down to a coin flip, there are a lot of players to love this season which can make it hard to choose at times.

That is true for most, but definitely not the quarterback position, clearly Bryce Young is the best quarterback in the SEC. Doesn’t feel like much of a debate as the Alabama quarterback is coming off of a Heisman campaign in 2021, there are plenty of talented QBs in the SEC but none of them are like Bryce.

Now at running back it was hard not to pick somebody who goes by the name of Tank Bigsby, that just screams SEC all over it. Just missing this list was Kentucky running back Chris Rodriguez Jr. Next up at wide receiver we have LSU’s Kayshon Boutte and Tennessee’s Cedrick Tillman. Boutte was no debate, and neither was Tillman in all honesty, these two really stand out in 2022. At the flex we have receiver Jermaine Burton, the transfer from Georgia is entering an Alabama system where he will be looking to be their number one guy, he also has the benefit of playing with one of the game’s best in Bryce Young.

Thanks for reading, let us know what you think of this one! Next up will be our Big Ten selection later today.